What is a chiropractor?

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Chiropractors focus primarily on the musculoskeletal system but will look at the body as a whole rather than at a specific symptomatic (painful) area.

If joints are in the wrong position then this can interfere with the nervous system causing weakness and potential damage to the tissues and structures that surround that joint.

This can also have a knock on effect to other systems in the body i.e. hormonal, digestive, cardiovascular and immune systems.

Chiropractors use their hands to move the joints, restoring normal movement thus helping improve pain and correct function.

The chiropractic profession is only a hundred years old but manipulation was known to be used by Hippocrates, Galen and many of the ancient cultures. It is already the third largest health profession in the world after General Medicine and Dentistry.

All chiropractors have a 4 – 5 year training and are registered with the chiropractic council.

What happens at the first appointment?

Normally a thorough medical history is taken through discussion; this is then followed by a number of simple physical, neurological and orthopaedic tests, which are tailored to the condition you present with. A discussion as to what we can do for the condition and how this achieved then follows. This is usually through a combination of spinal and limb adjustment (manipulation), cranial therapy, nutritional support, and stretching and exercise rehabilitation as necessary.

How long are the first appointments?

The first appointment is 1 hour which usually includes treatment. And following appointments are of 20 minutes duration.

Eltham Chiropractic - chiropractor treatment for painful jointsWho can go to a chiropractor?

The whole family! Anyone from newborn babies to centenarians can go. Treatment is tailored to you, so a rugby player will obviously be treated differently to a baby or frail elderly person. People usually arrive with pain for treatment however, with the general public’s greater awareness of preventative health; people are increasingly coming for check ups or for maintenance of their health. You do not require GP referral to attend the clinic.

Will treatment hurt?

Often you will come in with pain or discomfort, so the treatment will be as gentle as possible. A great deal of people will feel improvement after treatment some can feel a little discomfort, but advice will be given how to look after yourself following treatment.